Big upgrade!

Par défaut

It’s been a long time since I haven’t post any news about the construction. Thing are moving forward, step have been crossed. This is not easy but really exciting

I’m gonna post some pics here. We can talk  on my Facebook page in french or in english on my Gearlsutz forum on the famous Photo diaries of recording studio construction projects.

The place start to look more and more like a studio and not like another building. I’m doing what has to be done in term of paying attention to details. It’s time consuming. I feel a bit like an instrument maker and I think about the 80/20% Pareto rule now.

I’m reaching a point where I can’t do it alone anymore. I’ve played the carpenter for a moment but this job is done. Now, contractors will be involved in my project. Big LR/CR glass, acoustic door, fabric are about to come.

Then, I will comeback and manage all the connections that a place like that need. Of course, everything is ready behind wall and gear are waiting patiently to be installed.

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