the framework is done


Martinsound Multimax

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After a lot of research on the net, I end on this monitor system. 7.1/5.1/ST/mono downmix, lot of different speakers set, loudness meter out , encoder monitor… pfff! All in and out analogs.The CR will have a 5.1 genelec 1037 setup as main monitors. I ‘m watching the ebu128 growing.I really want to have that loudness norm here. Hope it will spread.

Change in mood

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I’m about to received my new desk, a Cadac j type. It will be used for tracking (preamp and eq) and summing (sub mixing bus). Mix will stay in the box. I’ll set up an Artist Control above the j type for pro tools and a new monitoring system, the Dangerous Mointor ST-SR will be the Martinsound multimax EXR finally. The CR will be 5.1, hybrid.

By the way, the control 24 is on sale on ebay belgium. SOLD.


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Here we are, I haven’t show pics of my home but I’ve done it as well. It already took me more than two years as I’ve done a lot by myself. Final planes with last mods are about to come. I ‘ll post some shareable version for you. I’ve post a link or Gearslutz. It will be the place to ask about details, if anybody wish.