Yamaha C3, a reference

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Sadly, I don’t play the piano. But I have listened and mixed a lot and the Yamaha C3 sound is a standard. It has become the most popular professional grand piano. Conservatory series is known to be the benchmark from the brand.

When I decided to start looking for one, years ago,second hand as the C3 is no longer produce, lot of criteria came into place. I had brokers ready to call if they see something, I was ebaying much, and of course browsing all the second hand site you could think of. Nothing was really matching my need. Then, by accident, one just pop out. My wife met a person holding a piano rental company. she just ask starting like « we never know but… » and he say yes.The price was right so we leaved an option.

They was one last thing I had to do before checking it. I work quite close with another piano rental company. I phoned him and asked if it was ok. He asked when I was going to go and listen to it; « I’m in front of the door » I’ve said. He laugh and assure me he would still harmonized my piano when needed (he work with one of the best tech in EU that come to Belgium for him few times a year).

My wife, our friend Hervé Noirot and I were there. He explain us on the way that he wouldn’t give his opinion in front of the owner. He would rather say « it is quite good  » if it’s not, and « it’s not bad » if it’s good. We listen to a lot of piano and also some I couldn’t afford at all. The C3 was still the one I prefer. My wife was agree and more, she find it really pleasant to play. About Hervé, he just says « it is really not bad at all ». We were then sure.

the piano is now at home, waiting for the studio to be finished.



LA2a, I’ve got one too

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This a classic, as the C12. It is maybe the grail of recording compressor. Rebuild one like before is already something hard, but add functions without demeaning is artwork. So I had to ask an artist to do it. This person is Gwyn Mathias. I am happy to know him for his anecdotes alone. But there is a lot more and you can figure it out when you embrace his work.

Technically, we scouted NOS element and Sowter transformer, based on the opto6 PCB from Drip. Output caps are German and Russian. Yes, both and a hidden switch can toggle between them. Also, the VU change in color to let you know which is engaged. The detection cell is not alone either. There is a fast and a slow one (drip T4b). Also, earth can be lift on input and output separately. Sound like a details but…

After trowing all those parts, build it, and of course calibrated it, here is the masterpiece:

Big upgrade!

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It’s been a long time since I haven’t post any news about the construction. Thing are moving forward, step have been crossed. This is not easy but really exciting

I’m gonna post some pics here. We can talk  on my Facebook page in french or in english on my Gearlsutz forum on the famous Photo diaries of recording studio construction projects.

The place start to look more and more like a studio and not like another building. I’m doing what has to be done in term of paying attention to details. It’s time consuming. I feel a bit like an instrument maker and I think about the 80/20% Pareto rule now.

I’m reaching a point where I can’t do it alone anymore. I’ve played the carpenter for a moment but this job is done. Now, contractors will be involved in my project. Big LR/CR glass, acoustic door, fabric are about to come.

Then, I will comeback and manage all the connections that a place like that need. Of course, everything is ready behind wall and gear are waiting patiently to be installed.